Behind Papadam

Our journey to perfection.

Secret recipes and ancient trade routes

For more than four thousand years the mystery blends of secret spices and fresh ingredients travelled ancient trade routes to find their way into the hearts and minds of far away civilisations.

Masterchefs perched aloft the sacred elephant crossed vast continents and navigated endless seas. The procession of their wondrous caravans recorded forever in artefacts of lapis lazuli and glowing gold.

In their possession, the culinary masters kept safe the recipe for the Papad, a mystic blend of lentil, chickpeas and the blackgram bean – a pulse highly prized throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Modern innovation and classic dining
Evoking the past but also reinventing the present, papadam is an enduring menu favourite to prepare the senses for sumptuous dishes and intriguing flavours.

Today, the finest Indian cuisine elegantly fuses modern innovation to classic dining. The gourmet adventurer steps through a traditional homely exterior into a new, subtle mix of retro styling and modish décor where warm textures and decorative tones harmoniously meet.


A personal journey and timeless adventure

As a destination of choice, the culinary adventurer returns time and time again in their eternal quest to  satisfy mind, body and soul.

Lovers of fine Indian cuisine can relax as they set out once more on their own, personal dining journey to enjoy favourite dishes and discover exciting new recipes.

The elegant art of Indian fine dining, travelling forever on a timeless adventure together.